AcroYoga Zurich
AcroYoga Zurich

About Jeff & Ezgi

Founders of Freedom Spirit Yoga School and Wellness, Jeff Fisher & Ezgi Fisher are both Certified AcroYoga® teachers, they are the only certified teachers based in Zurich. They travel around to teach AcroYoga workshops bringing communities together, they love to share their joy and have fun with students around the world. When learning AcroYoga with them, students learn the wisdom and technique of yoga to help complement and balance the dynamic element of acrobatic movement with nurturing therapeutics. A smile to your face is guaranteed. Jeff & Ezgi are Certified AcroYoga® teachers trained and experienced in teaching all 3 elements of AcroYoga. In their teaching experience, they have seen students’ joy and physical strength increase, studios filled with laughter, and students creating lasting friendships.

After Jeff Fisher's passing away, Ezgi Fisher still continues to teach passionately following her dharma. She collaborates with other wonderful AcroYoga teachers to serve the community in Zurich and all around Europe-and-beyond.
There are AcroYoga workshops in planning with Manel Rodrigues from Portugal.
Please stay tuned. Please check the link  "Event Schedule" for schedule of all workshops. Please see the home page for the upcoming workshop in Zurich.

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